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"I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s a true gem. Getting a loan was super fast, and much easier than I expected. I’ll definitely be using them again."
— Chris P.
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The Power Behind our Lender Matching Platform

What does it do?
Our Lender Matching Platform gets you matched with the best funding lender.

Should I care?
Absolutely! Using our services allows you to save hours and hours of time. We strive to find the right partner for your loan.

So what does that mean for me?
It means you won't be bothered with calls from 20 different lenders. You'll get contacted by a Masoba Capital Representative. Your assigned representative will connect you with the right lender providing the best rate and terms for your loan.

Must be in business for at least 6 months and have $10,000+ in monthly sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get the best rate for my business loan?

Masoba Capital is different from other lending platforms. We don't sell your information at all. Our in house representatives work closely with you to find the single best lender for your business loan.

Will I be approved for my business loan?

91% of our qualified applicants get approved. So there is a great chance your business loan will be approved.

If I'm approved for my business loan, can I still decline it?

Yes. There is no obligation at any point in the process to continue. You are in full control.

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Get the Best Rate

Our Lender Matching Platform finds and connects you with the top lender for your loan. With Masoba Capital you will never get bombarded with calls from multiple lenders. You'll only be contacted by the right lender. That's our commitment to you.