Tips for Being a Top Leader at Your Salon

As a salon owner, you’ve likely seen firsthand how quickly your team can change. Dynamics fluctuate, employees leave for other opportunities, etc. This means you also know just how critical it is to remain flexible and supportive, even in the face of upset. Without your team, your job as a small business owner gets that much more difficult. You’ve got goals to achieve, and your employees are key to reaching those milestones! Managing change is a huge part of being a phenomenal salon leader, and today we’re going to cover off on some great ways to do just that. Great leaders make great teams, and vice versa.

Ideas Welcome 

Creating an environment in which you, as a leader, are not just barking orders at your team is among the best ways to inspire your salon staff and foster trust. Rather than telling your employees to “do this,” welcome their input on ideas or strategies you have. It’s common for leaders to pick one of their staffers out of the blue and assign them a new task, give them new responsibilities, etc. Actions like this can put the employee in a tough spot—what if this new idea of yours doesn’t align with where they seem themselves at your salon? What if they are too slammed with other tasks to take on something new? When you open the door to the feedback of others, it shows how much you value your team’s thoughts. You don’t just expect them to take orders—you expect them to listen to your ideas and provide helpful feedback. It’s always a plus to get differing viewpoints when considering new things.

Focus on Creativity

Whether in the salon or outside, encouraging creativity in your team helps members dip their toes into new waters. To get your staff started, think of offering up a group challenge that will help spark their imaginations—and be sure to give them the tools necessary to complete the task. Things like hairstyle challenges or even a cookie contest work wonders on using a different side of the brain.

Explain Why 

This is a tricky habit for leaders to break, but it’s a common one. Dictating “how” to complete a task doesn’t add nearly as much value to your team as explaining the “why” behind it. Your staff need to understand the rationale behind the decisions you make and how they will positively impact them, the salon, or your clients. This also invites your team members to come in with additional ideas that could provide even more value to your proposals.

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